Ivation Charcoal Starter, Propane Charcoal Lighter, Quickly & Easily Ignite BBQ Grill, Smoker, Fireplace & Burn Weed, Torch Fire Starter with Button Ignition, Adjustable Flame, Tank Not Included



  • POWERFUL PROPANE-POWERED FIRESTARTER | Multipurpose Charcoal Torch Delivers Fast, Continuous Heat Up to 1904° F for Lighting All Kinds of Coal, Briquettes, Wood, Kindling, Weeds & Brush | Pairs Perfectly with Your Grill, Barbecue Smoker, Outdoor Pizza Oven, Chiminea, Fireplace, Fire Pit, Etc.
  • 2-IN-1 STANDING OR HANDHELD DESIGN | Convenient Styling Allows You to Hold & Control the Lighter By Hand or Rest it Upright On Any Flat Surface, Such as a Table Attached to Your Grill | Simply Connect to Any CGA600 Handle Propane Cylinder Tank or US 1” Threaded Valve to Get Started (PROPANE TANK NOT INCLUDED)
  • INSTANT IGNITION WITH ADJUSTABLE FLAME | Reach Scorching Temperatures in a Matter of Seconds! | Grill Starter Features an Easy One-Press Ignition Button, Handy Regulating Knob for Controlling Flame Size & Intensity, High-Quality Burner Head & Ergonomic Handle for Comfortable Operation
  • GREAT FOR KILLING WEEDS IN PAVEMENT | When You’re Not Using it for Your Grill, Campfire or Fireplace, Our Eco-Friendly Lighter Also Helps Destroy Unwanted Plants Infiltrating Your Cement & Pathway Crevices | Dry Up Wild Grass, Roots & Garden Weeds Without Toxic Chemicals or Sprays
  • SAFE, AFFORDABLE & EFFORTLESS TO STORE | Get Up to 100 Lights on a Single Propane Canister! | Economical Lighter Offers Easy Setup, Stress-Free Storage, Cordless Portability & Minimal Sparking—an Excellent Gift for Campers, Farmers, Landscapers, Tailgaters & BBQ Grill Masters!