Bad Idea Pyro Monolith Fire Tower Metal Chiminea Vertical Firepit



  • Massive fire pit machine cut from 3/16″ American Steel stands over 6 feet tall and weighs 430 pounds – Made in Kansas
  • Modern design features a clever tab and slot construction that enables easy setup by as few as two people in just a few minutes using the included stainless steel hardware
  • Generous storage area at base keeps plenty of firewood within easy reach
  • Removable steel firewood basket contains wood for safer burns and makes for easy cleanup
  • Unique design makes the Monolith impervious to wind

The Pyro Monolith is certain to become the dominant feature of any backyard or outdoor space.¬†Based on the unique design of the original Pyro Tower, the Monolith is precision cut from 3/16″ American Steel and stands nearly 6 feet tall and weighs over 400 pounds.

The unique tab and slot design creates a self-supporting structure that allows as few as two people to quickly and accurately assemble the Monolith in just a few minutes using the included stainless steel hardware.

The caster set makes repositioning the Monolith an easy task for just one person. The pyramid-like shape makes it nearly impossible to tip over while moving.

The split-level design is accessible from both the front and rear and provides over 17 cubic feet of covered storage for firewood. The top chamber measures over 8 square feet and includes a removable firewood basket for big, long-lasting fires. The removable firewood basket is made from a single piece of 3/16″ steel with machine cut vent slots to promote airflow. The large basket safely contains a generous amount of wood during use and allows easier cleanup of ash afterward.

The mild steel construction is hand-oiled for an attractive finish that is easily maintained and protects the steel from moisture.